Mark and...

How does Mark's Gospel compare with John's? (How with Luke and Matthew?) Like this.....
Sample on left is from Mark 15; on right is from John. Both are CEV.
Here is a tabulated brief summary in 3 images:

The meanings of my abbreviations may be unclear - sorry about that. I aim to show the comparative details in the four witnesses. Some implications are self-evident I think. (Do you see a common emphasis?)

Possibly it would be useful to take Matthew as the basis and compare the three with that testimony. The result would be considerably longer. (I had a local reason to work on Mark.)

I used math symbols to convey (to some extent) comparative length (ie, amount of detail) and closeness of equivalence - similar subject matter, but: not alike, or, approximately the same, or about equal, with additions, or after subtractions, or both.

Sequence in my table is simply that of Mark. Do the four show differences in order? What does that "prove"? Even if modern biographers may be chained to chronology, ancient writers were not (Burridge). Moreover, did Jesus perchance say or do similar things in other moments or places (or, why not)? In our day it may be, or may not be, possible to speculate the reasons for ancient presented sequence. How useful would it be?

The best way to get an overall feel for Mark is to read it!

The comparison table is clearer in the original XLS. You may choose to access that spreadsheet here:
Alternatively, here is a clearer format PDF of the file:

Scripture quotations marked (CEV) are from the Contemporary English Version Copyright © 1991, 1992, 1995 by American Bible Society, Used by Permission.

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