Sunday 23 January 2022


This volume I imported directly from UK. Could not source here at the time. Expensive!
Printed Bibles in various versions and forms are available from many reliable on-line sellers. Some offer free postage. (Some also sell the New Testament separately.) From my Australian perspective:


(I think you do need to know just what you want to order.) 

Note: The pictured volume I imported directly from Bible Society UK; ISBN 9780564050772 

Koorong also sells smaller volumes - individual documents (or, books) such as 'Gospels'. Others may do as well.

Orders are placed simply without opening an account and all costs are shown.

(It is possible the order process will provide an option to make a donation. A donation is not required.)

Unfortunately, packages when received may contain other items from them, some of a fund-raising nature. (They can be recycled.)

Bible in other Languages

A great many languages other than English are available from the Koorong on-line 'shop'. Others may also support.


If you are needing assistance to find a Bible source for your country, please send me a message. I will do what I can.

On-screen books OK? (including in languages)

I find the WWW on-line text resources of Bible Gateway and Blue Letter Bible good. (There are others.)

  •  (check their link "Read the Bible")

This is an app for mobile devices, new to me. It comes from "Global Recordings Network" (GRN). Certainly, the app has links to huge resources in very, very, many languages. (The image is just from the app listing.)

URL for Global Recordings site:

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